Affiliate Disclaimer

Hey there 👋🏼. Stephen Sawyerr here, founder of the SawyerrMedia.

We believe in being transparent with all our site visitors. It is important that you know what’s going on so that you can decide how it might affect your views of what we say around here. So, here it is…

SawyerrMedia is a for-profit business. To that end, we hold an affiliate relationship with some companies. This means that we will earn a commission for any purchases you make from this site (if you go through our affiliate link). While affiliate commissions do not represent a majority of the income this site generates, it is a part of how we generate revenue.

Rather than list every single company we have an affiliate relationship with, we advise that you assume that any link which leads you to a product or service outside of this site is an affiliate link and that we will receive compensation if you purchase it.

Having said that, we take our recommendations very seriously. We only promote products that we use personally or have personal experience using in the past. Additionally, we never have and never will receive any free product in exchange for mentioning or promoting it. All our product recommendations are based solely on the value we believe they can bring to you.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Talk soon!

– Stephen Sawyerr