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For most businesses that run Facebook Ads or other forms of Online Ads for that matter, the story goes something like this:

  • Money goes in. Little traffic. No leads. No conversions. No sales.

  • More money goes in. A slight bump in traffic. No leads. No conversions. No sales. Frustration. 😓

  • Even more money goes in. Decent jump in traffic. A handful of leads. No conversions. No sales. Big Frustration. 😩

Stop me if this story sounds familiar.

Pouring money into Facebook ads should drive results for your business. And in some cases, those results should be almost immediate.

Sadly, most businesses spend money on Facebook campaign after campaign and struggle to see any real impact.

That’s where SawyerrMedia comes in.

We help brands leverage their Digital Ad spend to drive Traffic, Leads, Sales and Business Growth.

Who We Are

A small team of marketers who believe that Facebook Ads & Digital Marketing are the most effective way of driving business growth.

After leading marketing teams and working with brands like Jumia, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Shell and MasterCard over the last 10 years, Stephen Sawyerr founded SawyerrMedia.

The mission? To help brands get actual business results with digital ads, especially Facebook & Instagram ads.

Broadly speaking, there are 3 ways we help businesses:

This is ideal for businesses who already spend on Facebook Ads, but want an expert to look over their ad account & recommend how they can take this to the next level.

We review everything from ad formats, targeting, campaign objectives, budgeting, with the goal of sharing optimization strategies & opportunities.

Our Roadmaps are strategic decks that detail how your specific business can leverage Facebook & Instagram Ads to acquire leads, convert them into customers, and retain them to maximize their LTV.

This includes the right account structure, events & custom conversions, audiences, targeting, and more!

Here we not only audit your ad account & create a comprehensive Ad Strategy, we actually create & manage your ads to generate conversions.

We do this through a 5-step framework: Learning, Targeting, Testing, Scaling and Evaluating.

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We train marketers & brands

We are privileged to be partnering with the world-renowned Digital Marketing Institute to train business leaders & marketers.

Through a local study centre we teach students core digital marketing topics covering:

  • Website Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Google Analytics & more!

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Meet The SawyerrMedia Team

Experienced, talented & focused.

Stephen Sawyerr Profile Picture

Stephen Sawyerr

Facebook Ads Strategist


Bless Quarshie

Google Ads Strategist

“We believe that marketing can make a greater & more measurable contribution to business growth. If you believe this, we would love to work with you.”

Stephen Sawyerr Profile Picture
Stephen Sawyerr


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